How to Write a Resume and Get an Invitation for an Interview in an IT Company

Are you applying for a job in IT? Do not submit your application before reading our guide. Too many candidates make the same embarrassing mistakes that lower their chances of success. Here are six crucial elements that will make your resume impactful, so you can get invited for an interview.


Create a Powerful Start

HR managers need to sift through dozens or hundreds of applications per day, so it is crucial to grab their attention with the opening paragraph. Create a succinct and powerful summary of who you are and what value you can bring to the company. 

Structure the Information

Divide your resume into sections describing your education, skills, experience and interests. Recruitment websites offer standard templates you could fill, but you may also need to send your resume directly to the manager’s email. Make it easier to read by using structuring — numbered or bullet lists, sections and subsections. If the text is difficult to navigate, the reader will simply discard it. 

Focus on Relevance

Everything you write must be optimized for the job listing. First, the manager is not interested in personal interests disconnected from the professional requirements. If you are a talented piano player or an avid basketballer, this does not matter for an IT job.

Recruiters do not care about skills and experience unless they relate to the job listing. It is tempting to include as much information as possible, but any accomplishments are worthless if they have no connection to the field. There are very few exceptions. For example, if you want a job in IT and your background includes some voluntary work with the databases for a nonprofit, this is worth mentioning.

Detail Achievements, Not Responsibilities

When describing your experience with previous employers, emphasize accomplishments rather than duties. Every office employee replies to emails and takes phone calls throughout the day. Your routine tasks do not really matter. This information is just as redundant as including Microsoft Word on your skill list. Focus on what makes you different. What can you do better than other candidates? 

Achievements should be described and supported with quantifiable information. Such information is guaranteed to attract attention. For example, if you were the best salesperson of the year, include percentages and figures describing your sales volumes. If you are a marketer who has helped a brand take off online, describe relevant metrics like the increase in click-through rate, ROI, etc. If you have developed an app for an e-store, specify the results. 

Use the Right Words

First, focus on the so-called power words — adjectives, verbs, and nouns that make an impact, such as “accomplished”, “accelerated” or “improved”. They make your descriptions more impressive. You can easily find lists of suggested words on the internet. 

Secondly, study the job listing carefully to identify keywords. Then, incorporate them in your own descriptions, so the recruiter can immediately see that you are qualified for the role. For instance, if the vacancy mentions specific skills, use the same wording in your resume — of course, if you do possess these competencies. Some companies filter resumes automatically using special software. If your description does not feature the right keywords, it is thrown out automatically.

Finally, do not expect an HR manager in an IT firm to be proficient in jargon. Use terms that most people in the industry understand. There is no need to get too technical, as you will only confuse the reader. There are other ways to show your profound understanding of the industry and its trends. 

Learn from Others

Today, it is easy to find a resume template online. Use real-life examples to craft your own professional history, but pay close attention to the source. Find tips and examples from experts, not amateurs. The internet is rife with misinformation and poor advice.

To Sum up

IT companies receive hundreds or thousands of applications, as the industry is flourishing. Follow our tips to create an effective resume that will help you stand out from the rest. Remember that the recruiting manager will consider your experience, education, and skills relevant to the vacancy. Stick to the point and include industry-specific keywords to highlight your strengths.

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